It’s about time…

Image…for a vacation! This time of the year is popular for families and individuals to try to get one last trip in before school starts in August or September.

One thing that people often overlook when leaving home for a vacation is that with the prevalence of social media, most of us are posting pictures of our fabulous beach vacay while we’re away. If you’re not selective about who you’re sharing your information with on Facebook and Twitter, you may be setting yourself up for a thief to target your home while you’re away. 

Remember these tips when you’re preparing for that last jaunt of the summer (or anytime of the year):

  • If sharing your exciting vacation photos on social media, restrict your posts to those you trust
  • If you’re not super tech savvy, and aren’t sure about privacy settings on Facebook, save your pictures for when you return. Besides, it’ll be fun to look back through all of your photos and reminisce on your trip!
  • Notify a neighbor or friend you trust about your trip, give them a way to contact you should anything come up while you’re away.

Enjoy your last days of summer break! – Keller Williams Realty Bloomington Staff


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